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Aesthetic Dentures

A Denture is a removable prosthesis used to replace missing teeth. It is usually made of acrylic or combination of acrylic and metal. A partial denture is fitted to replace some missing teeth, while a complete denture is indicated when all natural teeth are missing. A good set of denture done by a good prosthodontist will help patient to eat, speak, function and often makes the patient look younger and better.

At Dr. Prabhu Dental Clinic, any type of denture will take 3-4 visits not more than 5 days. New denture always feels strange when placed in the mouth. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to get used to but adaptation varies according to people.

After denture is delivered to the patient, 1 or 2 check-up appointment is required to see if there is any discomforts or sore, minor adjustment will be done to make sure that patient is comfortable with the new set of denture.

Patient with denture should start eating with soft foods and food cut into small pieces. In some patient with severe bone loss and denture does not have a good grip, denture adhesive can be used to make the denture more stable.

Some patients might have gagging reflex and vomits with denture even after shorter the length of denture, then implant will be a better option.

New denture many alter your speech initially. Pronouncing certain words many require practice. This problem rarely persists beyond 2 weeks.

  • How to take care of your denture?

    Denture should be removed and cleaned after every meal with a soft brush.

    Hold the denture firmly while cleaning. Accidental drop-page may result in chipped or broken dentures.

    Soak the denture in denture cleanser once a week to remove stains and always rinse them before using them again.

    Always remove the denture before going to bed. This will allow the patient's gum to rest and promote good oral health.

    Dentures are the cheapest option for tooth replacement in dentistry. If patient is comfortable with the new set of denture, one can save a lot of money by not doing an Implant.

  • Types of Denture:

    Temporary Plate (Economy Denture):

    Is the most affordable denture when patient still have few teeth left. At Dr. Prabhu's lab, this type of denture will be made in 24 hours.

    Custom Full Denture:

    The dentures are set in a wax base so you may try them on to see how the denture will look on your before it is completed. You may make changes to suit you, confident of your dental needs. After you have approved the look of your custom denture, the labs will custom finish your denture in the permanent acrylic bone material. It is like designing your own smile. The custom denture will take 3-4 days to complete.

    Deluxe Dentures (High Impact):

    Our deluxe denture is made using deluxe quality denture teeth and offers high level durability and natural look. This denture allows for more customization including a try-on preview that allows patient to approve the general characteristics of your new smile before it is permanently set.

    Premium Denture (Flexible denture, valpast):

    The flexible denture is made from special material that gives patient added comfort and fit. It is easy to take care, comfortable to wear and cosmetically virtually undetectable as false teeth. Flexible partial blends in well with the natural appearance of your gums, making the partial virtually invisible. The plastic has almost chameleon effect. It is so strong that the partial can be made very thin and so picks up the characteristics of the underlying tissue. The valpast clasp blends with the surrounding tissue and virtually disappears. Valpast partial are smooth and comfortable against the tongue. Valpast dentures are very long lasting if compared to all types of denture.

    Metal Frame Denture:

    The cast metal frame denture is stronger, less bulging and offers a great fit. This partial denture has a metal frame to which our lab (the technicians) will attach higher quality denture teeth. This procedure will take 4-6 days. At Dr. Prabhu Dental Clinic, Metal Frame Denture is commonly used for lower arch because of the thinness and patient feel more comfortable with the tongue. All types of Denture at Dr. Prabhu Dental Clinic will not take more than 5 working days.